Publication date: 31/01/2020
HELMOND – SmartwayZ.NL teamed up with a dozen public and private parties, including the car manufacturer Ford, at the Automotive Campus in Helmond. The test was used to determine if, and how 'GLOSA' (green- and red-light in-car information services) can be used for driver assistance and comfort services. GLOSA could inform the driver well, in advance on approaching red lights. It could even advice driving speeds for smoothly passing through the green light. GLOSA could help road authorities to better manage the traffic, reduce emissions, increase safety and comfort.
Foto 2 mannen in een Ford

Objective test day

The Automotive Campus – located in the Brainport Region – in Helmond was the setting for the test day. This location – as an automotive hotspot – offers an attractive learning and testing environment for automotive companies. The test day on January 31st, provides ample insight in a few areas that require further improvement and development. One on the principal challenges is the ‘unpredictability’ of the traffic light. Due to continuous optimization and adaptation of the intersection-controller, the planning of the red and green phases can be modified throughout the cycle. As a result it is very difficult to use the GLOSA information for any reliable in-car assistance service.

Results of the day

The joint test day has been a great success for all participants. The MobilityMoveZ consortium (part of SmartwayZ.NL) will continue the specifications and development of identified useful improvements in GLOSA. Intentions are to come together Q2 2020 for new joint tests of how the improvements meet the requirements for making GLOSA a successful in-car service.


Christophe van der Maat, deputy province of North Brabant & chairman of SmartwayZ.NL:


"In order to get GLOSA off the ground permanently as a assistance service, (extensive) tests are needed. A service like GLOSA is not operational 'tomorrow'. The technology is present, but the step towards rolling out in society is now starting. As SmartwayZ.NL, we look forward to working with FORD. Because as a government, we desperately need market parties to finally manage a smart mobility network for the South of the Netherlands."