Publicatiedatum: 14-05-2024
One of the main theme’s in the New Mobility Services community, part of CIVITAS, is dealing with the hurdless and barriers that prevent succesful collaboration between cities and scale-ups.

Webinar Enhancing B2G Collaboration Deployment of smart, sustainable, and shared new mobility services

Cities want to make use of the innovative potential of start- and scale ups in their ambition to boost the transformation of urban mobility to a system more smart, sustainable, safe and inclusive. Large scale deployment of a wide range of on demand shared new mobility services is part of that. But cities hesitate to work with scale-ups and sometimes prefer large industry to work with for all kind of reasons. On the other hand scale ups need to grow to survive and create impact in cities and for citizens. Working on a national level is not an option. Scale ups want to work with cities all over Europe and provide services, expertise, vehicles etc that contribute to smart, sustainable, safe and inclusive mobility and make cities better. Also scale ups face barriers and obstacles such as tender procedures that are complex and time consuming.

May 28th from 11.00 – 12.00 the New Mobility Services community organises a webinar powered by our core team partner BABLE Smart Cities that you are welcome to join. How can the private sector help forge stronger cities by deploying smart and sustainable new mobility services and solutions?


Who will speak?

  • Janneke Brouwer, Practice Lead of Co-Create Projects at Tekkoo, renowned for her expertise in fostering startups and scaling up within the New Mobility Services initiative. Janneke will share insights on pioneering mobility solutions and the dynamics of start-ups in this evolving sector.
  • Edwin Mermans, Senior Advisor of International Affairs at the Province of Noord-Brabant, who will provide a comprehensive overview from the perspective of regional governance. His presentation will cover strategic ambitions to enhance smart, sustainable mobility, and the integration of these initiatives within the broader scope of CIVITAS and urban development.
  • Mackenzie Banker, our Global Private Sector Lead at BABLE Smart Cities, will share insights into how the private sector can better meet city needs in the mobility sector.



Are you a company working to deploy new mobility services in cities and regions across Europe? We need your participation, input and contribution.
Please register here: Enhancing B2G Collaboration: Deployment of smart, sustainable, and shared new mobility services

Survey Scaleups & European cities: moving towards a community

Our New Mobility Services community core team member and expert on start- and scale ups Janneke Brouwer launched a survey.
Are you a start- or scale up with ambitions and experience in doing business on a European scale with local and regional public authorities
we invite you to share your experiences.

Fill out the survey 

The New Mobility Services community is on a mission to strengthen the connections between mobility scale ups and cities across Europe.
We do this by first identifying and then addressing the challenges faced by scale-ups, and other ventures in collaborating with European cities.
Our goal is to drive innovation, overcome barriers in the mobility sector and accelerate deployment of new mobility services. In order to identify challenges experienced by mobility scale ups, we're conducting a European-wide survey.

Do you want to know more about how we're going to address the challenges? Or would you like to join? Get in touch with Janneke Brouwer